Learn More About Kingdom

Learn More About Kingdom


Kingdom is the technology leader in building the largest Christian-owned business platform. We help people find straight forward solutions for their homes and businesses, and empower small Christian-owned businesses nationwide to grow.

Kingdom was birthed because of a glaring deficiency within the Christian faith community when compared to other religions. The bottom line is, Christians are missing the mark when it comes to sowing into one another. There are multiple factors to consider as to why, but in our research, we've found that the majority of Christians do indeed desire to support companies that share the same faith and values, but oftentimes are simply unaware of who that actually is.

That's where Kingdom Directory steps in. Kingdom makes it easy for Christians to find and support Christian-owned businesses. We help customers by providing multiple options of who to hire to care for all their needs.  Kingdom unites people and strengthens Christian communities nationwide while promoting local economies with each connection we create.

Our mission is to bring Christians together to support one another in the marketplace. When Christians have to make a financial decision, we tend to think about price and quality. We seldom stop to ponder if the company will use our money for good or harm to God's kingdom. By supporting Christian businesses, you're keeping your dollars in circulation within the Christian economy for just a little bit longer. As more and more Christians choose to support one another, the dollars circulating within our economy will start to multiply.

This will provide more Christian families with the ability to bring positive change to their communities and nation. When you are looking for someone to hire for your next project, consider not just quality and price but also who you are empowering with your decisions. Every dollar you spend can help build up God's kingdom or tear it down! With Kingdom Directory, you can support those who follow Christ and make a difference in your community!  

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